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Corra is a health app designed by founder, Elya Spooner. After struggling for years with her own chronic health conditions, Elya decided to create this app to support the spoonie community. Having downloaded and tried dozens of apps herself, Elya felt that there was not an app on the market that adequately supported the chronic illness community. The goal of this app is to give control back to the individual user so that they can learn how to best manage their health.


Corra uses a proprietary A.I. algorithm that was built exclusively for our app. While our correlation software is extremely powerful, it is only as accurate as the data it is given. Overtime our software will learn and improve, but in the beginning the user will need to be very specific about the custom values they enter. For example, if a user enters the ingredients; tomato, tomatoes, diced tomato, and tomato paste, the algorithm will see these all as separate ingredients and will not consider them common inputs to correlate symptoms with. To receive accurate correlation results, the user should be careful to write "tomato" the same way each time when logging ingredients. 


Corra is currently in the progress of connecting to Apple Health and Fitbit so you can track all your data in one place and have it upload straight to Corra. This functionality will be available in version 2 launch. Over time these connections will become stronger and be more adaptable. Our goal is to continue building Corra in a way that is intuitive, impactful, and user friendly. We also have planned connections with Cronometer to allow users to import detailed nutrition data for correlations within the Corra app.


An individual's privacy is one of our top priorities at Corra and we have ensured that we follow all CCPA and GDPR requirements. We have taken many steps to secure, protect, and anonymize your data and do not share your data with any outside sources. You can read our full privacy policy here: Privacy Policy


Yes! At Corra we believe that your privacy and security are important, so we did not want to use ads or targeted marketing within our app. While a subscription cost is necessary to help successfully run the app, we also want the app to be as accessible as possible for all people so we have worked to keep the subscription fee as low as we can. Users can access the app for as low as $4.99 per month with an annual subscription or $8.99 on a month-to-month subscription.


At Corra we believe in building a community. We created this app to support those struggling with a chronic illness and it is our goal to meet this need to the best of our ability. If you have any insight into ways we could adjust or advance the app that would make it more accessible or impactful for you, please reach out to us and let us know! We want to hear from you and your feedback is valuable. Every adjustment we have made in the app has been a result of user feedback. Your opinion matters. Email us here!

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